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Program Development—A Collaborative Approach Bridging People, Schools & Communities

Over the years CRL has established a reputation for collaborative program development with universities, school systems, community organizations, governments and non-profits. CRL program development initiatives are based on establishing a relationship with and between organizations that result in innovation that no organization could conceive or deliver working independently.

Whether a research project assisting the Albuquerque Public Schools, the City of Albuquerque, and the County of Bernalillo to find an innovative site based approach to developing community schools, or establishing an international middle years conference in Adelaide in cooperation with state government and the National Community Education Association CRL has found a way to bring groups together to work on common cause where usual collaborative structures would have failed to connect.

Other successful program development efforts in partnership with The Stanley Foundation in Iowa produced a nationally acclaimed youth leadership program titled Global Realities and the Youth Leadership Challenge.

Over the years CRL has brought together groups that do not know each other well but are interested in finding areas of common interest and building working relationships to enhance everyone’s effectiveness. CRL has successfully brought diverse role groups and organizations together in conversation and dialogue that result in new found affiliation and program development. Over the years parents, religious and cultural groups have meet together and with their schools to build bridging relationships among them that allow the development of programs that are true community collaborations.

CRL has assisted the Community Leadership division of the National College of School Leadership in England to develop a Better Together program and a Relational Leadership Program.

CRL has successfully served as a catalyst for program development that went beyond the thinking and capacity of participating organizations. Such program development begins with a exploratory conversation with CRL or emerges from participation and dialogue in other CRL activities, events and workshops.

The projects section outlines and documents many of these program development efforts. Please contact Dr. Otero to discuss your interests, dreams and potential innovations and how CRL and its colleagues might assist.