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"Real change begins with the simple act of people talking about what they care about". Margaret Wheatley


The Center for Relationalearning has developed a rich body of knowledge and experience around relationships and their role in learning, school improvement and community education. This extensive experience and skill has led to Dr. Otero presenting at hundreds of conferences and workshops internationally. He has earned the reputation of being a popular lively, interactive, dynamic, fun and instructive presenter. Many of these presentations have been recorded or translated into print form contained in conference proceedings or reports. See Resources for references and to download those that are available.


Keynotes in 2013:

2013 Queensland Principals’ Conference
28 February and Friday, 1 March 2013
Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre, South Bank, Brisbane
TITLE: Learning Better Together


2013 Queensland Assistant Principals’ Conference
3 March 2013
Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre, South Bank, Brisbane
TITLE: Learning Better Together


P&C Regional Skilling Conference
18 May 2013
Cairns, Queensland
TITLE: Working Together to Transform Children’s Lives


The Whole Child and Personalised Learning
Early Life Foundations Conference
Saturday 19 October 2013
Grand Hyatt Hotel Melbourne, Australia.
Title: Building Relationships with Families and Communities: A whole child approach to learning.



Relational Leadership and Learning for Hope-full and Sustainable Futures
An International Dialogue
3-5, October 2013
Inn of Loretto, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Title: Education: It’s all about the relationships

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Please contact George at info@relationalearning.com for further information or requests.




Keynotes in 2012:

Past keynote presentations have addressed additional diverse topics such as student engagement in learning, Community Education, School, Family and Community Partnerships, Relational Learning, Global Education, Multicultural Education, Youth Leadership, The Outward Facing School and Communities and Schools Working Together to Transform Children’s Lives.

One highlight was:

“Rural Communities …. Education for the 21st Century” the 2nd Sydney Myer Rural Lecture by Dr George Otero, adjunct professor, Flinders University, Mt. Gambier SA September 3, 2012

Creating a positive future for every child and young person is the responsibility of the entire community, especially in a rural context. This lecture will explore four critical questions that must be answered by every community to ensure that families, schools and communities work together to guarantee that achievement, well-being and increased life chances are afforded to all. (1) What is our educational and moral purpose? (2) What are our under-pinning beliefs about our children, our families and our community? (3) Why are relationships the key to educational success? (4) How do we expand, improve and build new relationships to educate better together? Dr. Otero will share research and practice from around the world that demonstrate the ability of every community to work together to transform children’s lives.

To view the lecture in its entirety, click here:


To download a PDF version of the lecture, click here: http://relationalearning.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Sidney-Myer-Rural-Lecture-2_Dr-George-Otero-4.09.2012.pdf


Other past presentation titles and audiences include:

  • National Community Education Association Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas “Community Education, It’s all about the Relationships”
  • First National Middle Years Conference, Melbourne, Australia,
  • “Student Engagement, The Key to Learning”

For further information as to how to contact George Otero for your conference, please contact info@relationalearning.com