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"Change is good. You go first." Dilbert


The Center offers a broad array of tailor made consulting services. These arrangements follow a continuum of exchange. Some people and organizations prefer to select from a set menu of services where the who, what, when and where of the offering is set in advance. Some people and organizations will see a set offering and negotiate with the center to adapt and/or rearrange certain elements of a predetermined service, and some people and organizations will want to develop through consultation a unique offering containing elements from set services or designing a new initiative or program from the bottom up.

Services currently include:

Consulting from Dr. George Otero and other center staff and associates on a range of topics and issues directed towards improving relationships,

Learning Better Together Conferences that develop the knowledge, skills and beliefs needed by communities and their schools to educate every child to their full potential,

Study tours and learning journeys that afford individuals, schools, and organizations the opportunity to develop first hand understanding and experience with the dynamics of the relationship between people, schools and communities,

International Conferences where relational learning and relational leadership can be explored.

If you or your organization are interested in discussing a relationship with the center please contact Dr. George Otero to set up a conference to discuss possible associations: info@relationalearning.com