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"Community building must become the heart of any school improvement effort." Thomas Sergiovanni


The Center for RelationaLearning offers tools, skills and processes to reframe the learning and teaching context. We help teachers, principals, students, administrators, parents, and community leaders become more creative and self-responsible by re-conceiving and redesigning environments for teaching, learning and leading.

CRL has experience working with schools and communities in a wide range of urban, rural, state, national and international settings. We advise school systems and regional governments, speak at international conferences and work with individual schools and principals. We are engaged in consultancy, facilitation, research and writing in a variety of contexts.

It is not a prescriptive approach. Every school and community has its own needs, goals and solutions. In dialogue using various context appraisals and discovery conversations we help a school/community identify its specific strengths and offer effective and relevant strategies that empower a school/community to achieve desired outcomes. We always honor the unique identity of clients.

CRL delivers all of the programs, workshops and services using a range of tested learning strategies. The methodology includes:

  • Action learning approaches
  • Inclusive, experiential learning
  • Facilitation through negotiation
  • Interaction between theory and practice: research and case-study based approaches using participants own experience

The center offers processes and tools for creating change by:

  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Increasing positive dialogue
  • Encouraging community conversations
  • Promoting trust
  • Encouraging creativity, spontaneity, and playfulness

Currently, partners engage us who are interested in family school and community partnerships, relational learning and leading, schools as community hubs, community conversations and cultural change in schools and communities.

If you have any questions about how we might serve your organization please contact Dr. George Otero at info@relationalearning.com