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The center builds relationships that result in projects. Working together over the years, CRL has participated with people and their organizations worldwide to produce through dialogue, experimentation and the need for innovation projects that take many forms.

The Center has developed initiatives and working relationships with the following goals in mind:

  • Creating Relationalearning networks for communities and their learning,
  • Disseminate Relationalearning worldwide,
  • Establish Relationalearning efficacy via research, international conferences and best practices,
  • Build an associate system that supports the application of Relationlearning concepts,
  • Introduce Relationalearning to sectors outside of education.

Working with these goals in mind projects are created that meet the needs and interests of partners, clients and associates. We break down that story with projects that are currently in progress, recent projects (over the past 5 years) and past projects running all the way back to the 80’s.

For more information on a project and its possible application to your work and interests please contact Dr. George Otero.