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Relational Leadership & Learning for Hope-­full & Sustainable Futures

5th International Dialogue

Early May 2020, Santa Fe New Mexico

You are invited to join us for the 5th dialogue to be held in Santa Fe New Mexico in early May 2020 . Please save space on your calendar.  We are inviting past Inspirators and Participants to share their wisdom and experience in their quest to apply relational learning and leadership through their work, with families, and in their communities. listed below are highlights of the earlier International Dialogues beginning 2013 in Santa Fe:

The first gathering when we convened in Santa Fe: The focus was on describing and defining Relational Leadership and Learning and its critical importance in uncovering a way forward in an increasingly challenging, globalizing world.

The second gathering in Adelaide: Honored our local stories, their global connections, and confirmed we are engaged in a process of reclaiming relational knowing. We are starting to access the “space between,” a relational space, a place of learning, of growth, of love. These practices discarded by western society are being maintained by traditional indigenous communities throughout the world. The global term for honoring the space between is ceremony, which is our point of departure for the upcoming dialogue.

To most people, ceremony is an event consisting of prayer, dance, music, and singing. We, however, have come to understand it as the practices we engage in daily, collectively and intentionally, to honor our presence in each other’s lives, to give thanks for the gifts the universe bestows and to nurture all relations. “Relational leadership and learning is now the language of our work” (George Otero, 26/7/16).

At the third dialogue held in July 2017: We shared practices from a variety of contexts including community organizing and development, school and family partnerships, indigenous and traditional movements, environmental, economic and social justice, and early childhood education.

In 2018 at Cairns – in the context of ceremony – we  dialogued around four questions:

 Who am I?

Who are we?

What’s worth learning?

How can we learn this together?