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"Education can change culture but only in so far as educators are transformed." Parent School Board USA
"It is time for us to release ourselves from simplistic and ineffective prescriptions; the time to dream is upon us.'" Carl Glickman
"The only real training for leadership is leadership." Anthony Jay


RELATIONAL LEADERSHIP: The key to understanding and practicing leadership in the 21st Century is in negotiating human systems as well as organizational systems.

In any field today, but especially education, the prescription for success lies in the quality of the leadership exhibited. Any leadership book published recently, and there are hundreds, will indicate that leadership in today’s world is about the relationships a leader has, forms and maintains.

CRL is now devoting more time to assisting leaders in all walks of life to develop their relationships and to practice relational leadership.

Most recently, Dr. Otero has formed a relationship with Dr. David Giles, the dean of the school of Education at Flinders University and with long time associate Dr. John Halsey to develop Relational Leadership as the focus for educational leadership development and practice.

Dr. Giles has done extensive research on the subject and has identified sensibilities and skills that effective relational leaders exhibit and practice.

Relational leadership has always been a key dimension of our work and Relational Leadership continues to be a focus of the  International Dialogue Conferences.  The first was held  in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Oct 3, 4, 5, 2013 and the second in Adelaide Australia on July 8, 9, 10, 2015.

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Relationaleadership Offerings

Susan Chambers-Otero and George Otero conduct leadership events, either one day or residential workshops. These workshops draw both on the work of George Otero on developing powerful teaching and learning relationships, and Susan Chambers-Otero’s work on the importance of self reflection and personal development in the leadership role.

The goals of this leadership training are:

  • to help leaders understand themselves as learners
  • to help leaders explore how they have constructed their own knowledge of self, others, learning and change
  • to focus on the importance of leader self-awareness in developing strong and purposeful relationships that support effective teaching and learning.

As Senior Consultants to ‘Learning to Learn’, a professional development program of the South Australian Department of Education and Children’s Services from 2002 to 2008, these leadership programs were developed by exploring a range of topics including Other Ways of Knowing, Relationalearning, and most recently Leadership Development and Personal Effectiveness. These programs offered a combination of instruction, experiential learning, reflective activities, and a bit of fun.

For more information on these program offerings and/or to discuss a relationaleadership opportunity in your locale please contact George or Susan at info@relationalearning.com