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Relational Learning is not a new category or method. It is a radical new look at how relationships make learning possible.
George Otero, Ed.D, founder, director, consultant

About CRL

The Center for RelationaLearning™ (CRL) has a distinguished history in raising awareness and applying the principals of human interaction within an educational environment. Our approach is to develop programs which address leadership, learning, and community. We focus on the knowledge, skills, and quality of relationships that enable all community members, especially young people to be engaged and successful.

We are coaches, consultants and facilitators for educational and community systems. Recognizing that education is a community partnership, we develop interdependent relationships within schools and between communities. Our transformational work promotes quality learning and teaching relevant to a 21st century global society.

CRL offers a portfolio of professional learning opportunities to individuals and groups, which focus on the three most significant factors in determining the success of a school and its students. These factors are:

1. The quality of leadership in the school and community

2. The effectiveness of relationships between the school and community

3. The integrity of the learning experience

Our Goals Are To:

  • Transform the quality of learning and teaching by strengthening relationships within the classroom, within the school, and between the school and the community
  • Build the leadership capacity of educators, parents, students, and community members to be effective partners in school and community improvement and change.
  • Provide expert advice, support and consultation to educational systems, organizations and communities on policy, design, and program development.



Current research and practice demonstrates that in addition to the historic emphasis placed on school improvement, new models of learning must be integrated into the school experience of students and faculty. Systematic engagement with the contextual variables which influence a student’s success is critical.

CRL delivers all of our programs and workshops using a range of tested learning strategies. Our methodology includes:

  • Action learning approaches
  • Inclusive, experiential learning
  • Facilitation through dialogue and negotiation
  • Interaction between theory and practice: research and case-study based approaches using participants’ own experience

We offer processes and tools for creating change by:

  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Increasing positive dialogue
  • Encouraging community conversations
  • Promoting trust
  • Encouraging creativity, spontaneity, and playfulness
  • Teaching schools and communities ways of supporting each other